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Ted Hankey: legend or unfulfilled talent ?
(03-05-2023, 12:30 AM)TimmyNeutron Wrote: Sad with him drifting into alcohol, bankruptcy and in the end even overstepping the line of law. Loved him as a player and I still think the World of Darts needs characters like him. Let's hope prison gets him straight so only his stage persona remains as the wild ruffian.

Like in WWE I do think if Darts wants to keep growing a few anti hero characters would help the mix. Think Ted Hankey, Paul Nicholson or Gerwin Price but it seems just few can take they heavy mental toll of being booed on every stage (understandable that would be tought on anyone) but the entertainment they provide is just priceless for the sport and the tournament.

The match between Hankey and Simon Whitlock was probably one of the most entertaining I ever saw and at some points his antics on the stage then even put me off but at the same time an anti hero persona and rooting for the opponent still makes a match interesting and glues you infront of the TV.

Of course the silky smooth throwing action I wish I could have that

The WWE is fake. The last thing darts needs is phony, scripted "characters."
(03-05-2023, 08:36 AM)Papa w Wrote: Legend or unforfilled talent……. How about sex offender………. And a person who abused his position.>…… all respect gone

In my defence I did post that 5 years ago and long before this stuff came out!
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