Molded Flights
So from what I've read here the grips on the barrel does most of the damage to the flight systems.  I have harrows fire inferno darts so the grip is insane.  I'd like to find a system that handles deflections really well as that drives me nuts... any ideas fGuests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.ellas
It's not always the grip on the dart it can be a few things, it's one of those try a few things see what works best for you
Is it common to lose the flight by L-Style flights/stems?
Just happened to me after a few throws with them.
Could just be bad luck that it happened that soon since it also can happen with Cosmos.

Edit Regardless if I use Zero Stress, Cosmo Spinner or fixed L-Style I Stil get bouncers. Which isn’t only related to the nose shape. Seems like it’s down my throw.
Had L-Style pop off a few times but not alot, i always tap then down on a hard surface, if there L-style shafts i always try to get them to the little nubs on the flights, depending on what Caps your using the metal ones don't always let the cap go on as far, never had a Cosmo pop off
Thanks for the reply. I’ve a pretty hard throw seemingly even if it doesn’t feel like it so I expect some lost flight. Maybe should try the tap down.
It only happened once to me with Cosmos, so it might be outliner or simply a not currently put on flight.
I’m just annoyed if my flight pops off since it is a distraction.
Already got two Robin Hoods. The cap has taken some damage, but not the flight or stem.
Maybe the plastic caps aren’t capable for steeltip.
One of the stems already has a mark and misses a small piece.
Considering the price quite a disappointment.

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