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As a founder member of what became the P.D.C life must have been very difficult for a time , Did you ever reach a point where you thought " What have i got myself into here? "

No ! I'm proud of my involvement, and the development of the PDC

When you were playing the crowds certainly seemed better behaved , Would you have liked to have played in front of the current P.D.C crowds and how do you think it would ave affected your Game if at all ?

2.Too late for me, I'm afraid. I believe I would adapt and overcome.

Of all the players you have played who did you enjoy beating the most and why ?

Eric I suppose. Revenge is sweet !

What difference to you see in the current players compared to players of your era ?

4. The overall standard is higher, but the characters are fewer.

You played darts as a hobby until your football injury , If not for the injury do you think you would have ever taken darts as far as you have ?

Who knows?

If you find yourself behind in a match by a few legs how do you motivate yourself to be the best that you can be ?

Re Focus

I think great dart players are made not born , Would you agree with that ?

. No, afraid not! I think great players and born, and then they work like hell!

Did you watch the B.D.O worlds this year and if so what did you make of it ?

Yes, some good and enjoyable games, The TV coverage was poor from the BBC, but ESPN were not too bad.

When you are looking at a target what do you see ? Are you looking at a spot or a mark or at the target as a whole ?

I focus on a spot in the target, not the whole double.

Is there any limitation on how much you can improve through practice ?

There is bound to be a ceiling, but I try to make sure that mine is higher than the next man's

Have you ever suffered with nerves to the point where it affects your performance ? If so how did you deal with this ?

.I'm always nervous, but a few "nectars" sorts that out.

Which was the most nerve wracking , The world champs final or the Bullseye 301 challenge ?

World Champs!

How do you know when your set up correctly for your throw ? Do you have a routine for this ?

Experience. I don't have to look.

What is your favorite Board ? Do you prefer your era of players or the current players ?

Unicorn Eclipse Pro. I prefer my era, of course!

Does being coached increase your learning curve or is it better to go through the traditional route to become a good player ?

Coaching is a good idea if you need to learn, but early one needs to get a firm grounding by playing the traditional route

Who is your hero ?

Jack Nicklaus

How do you see the future of the B.D.O ? , It has changed over the years but doesn't seem to have evolved .

It must move forward if it wants to continue. Putting bans on people on where they play, and restricting trade is NOT the way forward.

Have you ever considered mentoring a new player ? And will there be another League of Legends tour and will it be televised ?

No to the first point, and I don't know about the second. TV coverage is hard to get.

Which of your matches was the most memorable and why ?

The 1988 World Pro - I won !!

How do you see the future of the woman's game ? And do you think there format should be longer and prize fund increased ?

A difficult one. I'd like to see more ladies darts on TV, but TV doesn't seem to want it.

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