Shot Darts

First 180.
Took me like 5 years, and I consider myself a decent darter.
I played sometimes when I was younger but resigned myself to the fact that I was terrible. My ex had even bought me really good 22g darts but I eventually gave them away.

However I bought a board at Christmas time thinking we were going into lockdown and I bought a few different sets of darts and prefer the 26g. 

What a difference playing makes when I feel quite confident and can actually hit doubles!

I even hit my first 180 within ten days!

However not looked like anywhere near hitting number 2 yet lol
I started playing in 1998-ish with a cheap round-wire board and brass darts.  Played for about 5 years and never hit one.  Then only played on and off for the next 14 years.  Never hit one in all that time.
In September 2020, I started throwing with some regularity.  In October, I decided I was ready to upgrade to tungsten darts.  Bought darts on a Saturday afternoon, and hit my first 180 that evening.  I even had a witness.

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