Shot Darts.

Heres Jamie (Rasta) Lewis's answers
Jamie how many hours a day do you practice ? 3-4 Hours on average.

. Do you think Phil Taylor will win another Worlds Championship ? Yep, I think he'll win a few more too be honest.

. What is your favourite Dessert ? Amerretti stuffed peaches! made by my grandmother

. Who is your favorite player and why ? Martin Phillips. Great Captain for Wales and a fantastic Dart player! Gives great advice and I had the privilege to play for my Country along side him.

. How long do you think it will take you to break into the top 32 ? that's a hard question to answer, im just gonna keep on playing and gaining experience and hopefully i can get there within the next few years.

. How old are you when you start playing darts? I threw my first dart when i was 6 years old. I starting throwing from the proper distance and height when I was 10.

. Who's your favorite dart player that inspires you to be the best? My Dad (Mark Lewis)

. In the next 3 years, do you think you can win a World Title? Another question I can't really answer........... Hopefully I will

. Are you related to Adrian Lewis? Nope.

. Any tips you want to share to your fellow darters? Don't eat yellow Snow lol!

The split between the BDO and the PDC has not really helped the game , Do you see any way this can be resolved so all players can compete under one organisation ? It's not for me to say sorry.

Many dart players seen on tv are a little on the large side shall we say , Have you given any thought to how you will avoid getting like this ? Im not the skinniest of persons my self but i am trying to watch that i don't gain too much weight. I've not long starting Running 3 times a week so that should help

Do you think Phil Taylor is the best ever or the best of his era ? I think he's the best ever. His titles speak for them selves, and to do what he's done over such a long period of time is just amazing! if I can achieve half of what he's done i'd be a very happy man!

Jamie, congratulations on winning yourself the tour card and good luck for the season (and also your career) in the PDC. Now to my questions:

I love your Red Dragon Rasta darts, and I know you have been with RD for a while now - how did you go about designing them and how long did the process take? I've been called Rasta by my friends for years now, people started calling me it mainly because I love Reggae Music and im very passionate on Bob Marley's Music, I also used to have a big afro and braided my hair! so when I got asked to design my Darts I thought it would be a good idea to design a Rasta Dart! i went down to the RD factory and spent a day there with Lee (the designer) watching the process of making my dart. It took up most of the day design and making the darts but it was very interesting! it's crazy how much work goes into making 1 set of darts!

- it took you until the 4th and final day of Q School to win the tour card - did you worry after the first 3 days that you weren't going to get one? While on Q School, do you think the intense competition you were under to win the tour card will help you on your PDC journey? I was doing okay on points up until the last day so i wasn't too worried, I just wanted to do it Automatically and not through the points system so on the last day I gave it my all and played well! Ye Definitely I think the whole Q-School experience will help all the players! it's probably the most nervous ive ever been playing Darts you just want to get that card and once you've got it its a great feeling!

- what targets or goals have you set yourself for your first season in the PDC? My main 3 targets for this year are: 1. Qualify for the Uk Open. 2. Win a few youth Events and Compete for the top spot of the PDC youth order of Merit. 3. Qualify for the 2013 PDC World Championships.

- have you decided on your walk-on music yet? I think you are going to need one sooner rather than later - and it's better you choose it than let that Barry Hearn bloke choose one for you lol.? I still havn't decided on one yet Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. I keep finding one then changing it, it's starting to do my head in now! if anyone can recommend a good one let me know

-how was your introduction to the game and how much time it took for you to start gaining some consistency? I went to watch my dad play in a local league competition, I really enjoyed it so I started playing myself. I played more and more everyday and I gradually got more consistent as I got older.

-some advices for any darter playing competitions? Try not to listen to much to the other players is conversations especially if you've draw them, they might try and put things in your head to put you off!

-How was the process of finding the right dart for you and how many sets you had before getting signed to Red Dragon? I have never really messed around with too many sets of Darts. its mainly been finding the right weight for me. I've only gone through 3 different sets since I've been playing. When I started from about 6-12 years old I used the old Phil Taylor Darts, I then got signed up by RD and changed to Razor Edge darts which I used from 12-17. When I was 17 I designed the Rasta Darts and ive used them ever since!

-Do you have some mentor in darts? My dad has been there with me since the start and has giving me good advice over the years, so I guess he's mentored me in the right direction.

The day of the match how much practice time do you get in? Since Joining the PDC I usually get to the Venue for about 9.30-10pm and I get in an hour or so before the competition starts.

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