unknown darts
[attachment=531]hello could anyone tell me what these old darts are thankyou unicorn t95 tungsten it says on them
Presumably you've already looked through the Unicorn books?
Don't know if you did bother looking through the Unicorn books yourself but I just had a very quick look and they were in the first book I looked at from 1991 (no doubt they are in some of the others as well) - very inspiring name, they are just called T95 lol - so called as they are 95% tungsten nickel alloy

yeah they are the T95's even has it on the barrels lol
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(11-07-2013, 10:27 AM)Getagrip Wrote: yeah they are the T95's even has it on the barrels lol

lol yeh but if you put t95 in googlee you will never see them just looked at the catalogue there actually from 1997 the writing is different thankyou for your help

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