Devon Petersen's interview answers
Hi. Wanted to ask was South Africa Masters, where you lost to John Part, was that the start of your pro career?

Answer- it wasn't the start of my pro career but more the realisation that my DREAM could become REALITY as the PDC offered the winner a chance to participate in the WORLD CHAMPS which was a my only way into the becoming a Pro Dart Player.

-how old were you when you first started playing and how were you introduced to the game?

Ans- Darts has been part of my life probably since I was born as our family was a dart playing family. my grandfather had a team in the local league and all my dads brothers played and they where all very good so I guess it is in my blood. I started taking it serious at the age of 18 when I was I allowed to compete with the local legends and I always wanted to win and this made me work hard at my game and made me even more determined to win.

-who are some of your favorite players to watch and why?

Ans- Phil Taylor of course as he is the my measuring stick on how far I have come along I will go as far as to say he is perfection personified.

-do you have any rivalries or players that bring your best game out?

Ans- Not really I wana beat everyone so all on the pro tour are my rivals but when in practice Joe Cullen does bring out the best in me as none of us wants to lose so it's bragging rights at stake.

-what would you like to see more of in pro darts(i.e. better sponsorships, televised events, personification, special challenge matches)?

Ans- its hard to say as PDC is a well oiled machine and no huge noticeable improvements needs to be made.

-Do you think the sport gets a bad rap because of the association with alcohol, and do you think promoting the sport in non-alcoholic atmospheres would invite more interest in the game.

Ans- It being a working class game makes it hard to lose the stigma attached and because it's a pub sport makes it even harder..........but the game has transformed and and will continue to evolve as the younger generation coming through will change the way darts is seen.

-what is your favorite board to play on and why?

Ans- the biggest name in darts UNICORN's been around for years and that should surely speak volumes in itself but the technology they use is definitely going to take the game forward.

-how anxious are you for a rematch against the Welsh and how did the loss affect you?
Ans- rematch wont settle anything so i see it as the past but my school boy error has given more positive experience than negative but I would definitely love to participate in the World Cup in the future as I think South Africa is a sleeping giant and will awaken soon.

-describe the signature dart process and does the manufacturers truly design a dart for the specific player or is it more of a "choose the one that you like and we'll put your stamp on it" kinda thing?

Ans- Professionalism of the highest standard is the only phrase that springs to mind. They invited me in to the Head Office to discuss the dart and went through the whole process even to the finer detail they assisted me and assured me that everything will be made to my specification.

Sincere thanks in advance for taking the time talk with us and supporting our growing forum. Best of luck to ya Devon and we'll be watchin ya in the future.-MPK

Thanks Devon for taking the time to answer our questions.

1. The day of a match how much do you practice time wise ?

2 hours before a match and it will consist of finishes, treble consistency and just keeping the rhythm.

2. What is your favorite desert ?

Peppermint fridge tart

3. How many hours a day do you practice ?

4-5 hours a day

4. How often do you take a day off from darts ?

A day off...........what's that ? NEVER I feel lost if I don't practice

5. Do you have a drink or two before or during matches to calm the nerves like many of us do?

I just like to have 1 as there are carbs in in cider and this is a energy source which is needed for the game and just something to take the edge off.

6. Devon when you started playing where you a natural , or through hard work developed into the player you are now?

Natural..........but to be perfect I need to work on my game.

Hello Devon,

I remember when I first saw you on TV and thought you seemed very confident and relaxed, can you remember if thats how you felt at the time?

Ans- A memory never to be forgotten .......I felt very confident and was really relaxed. I think the reason for that was I just enjoyed every second of being on stage and having so many people applaud and cheer you on was amazing.

Who influenced you and inspired you to take up darts?

Ans- My dad was the first person to inspire me as you know as a kid your dad is ur role model so he defintely played a big role in me becoming who i am today and Phil Taylor is my inspiration based on his performance

How big is darts in South Africa and has it got more popular since you hit the limelight?

Ans- No comparison to PDC but it's growing and within the darting community we now have a Professional wing called SAPDO and will be seeing and hearing about them in the future.

What do you think of the soft tip game, do you think it will ever over take steel tip?

Ans- Never ever played a soft tip game yet but if I think of it the first thing that comes to mind is as a kid you would get soft tip darts and the dart board as a present so I don't have anything to say about it.

Have you ever suffered a darts injury, if so what?

Ans - no I try And stay fit visiting the gymnasium regularly

Can you tells us a little about what your career and life was like before becoming a Professional Player?

Ans-Darts... well when I started at the age of 18 I was introduced to local leagues and quickly became a player to watch as my hardwork paid off and this showed through my results. I was selected for county in my first and played county for 4 years was ranked in top 3 for 3 years in South Africa including number 1 in Africa in 2010.

Personal...I worked as a consultant at one of the big banks in South Africa and I would spend my days working, practicing, playing and partying the life of a normal guy without a trouble in the world lol

Thank You

What do you feel is your proudest moment in darts so far?

Ans- reaching the quarter final in World Cup with Shawn Hogan

Getting signed by Unicorn must have been a great help financially, I assume your still based in South Africa?, the expense for overseas players to compete in the PDC events must be very great, if you have not already done so, do you think you will re-locate to the U.K. to lessen the financial burden?

It is a part of my foundation in the quest to becoming world champion and I could not have asked for a better equipment sponsor than UNICORN. I have relocated and have been staying in the UK since after the worlds in 2011

Is there anyway you can see that it could be made easier for overseas players to participate in P.D.C. events?

Ans- not really as its a Financial burdened for players coming from the southern hemisphere the only way this would be possible if they had sponsorship in those areas and even that is hard to get.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Become the best and become World Champion

Hi Devon, whats the best darts advice you have been given?

You can beat who is in front of you as well as play without fear of losing and you won't lose!

also do you think a good darts player is born and not made?

It's definitely's more hard work and a confident mindset that makes a good player

the level of skill is so high now, do you think the game should be made harder?

The game shouldn't be made harder just because the players are putting in more time in practice ......I guess the level makes for better viewing.

O.K then, I will go for a few non dart related questions for Devon to break it up a bit.

- if you could swap places with anyone else in the world for a week who would it be and why?

Lionel Messi and it should be the week of the UEFA Champions League FINAL just to experience what they go through and just run on the pitch and here 10000 fans scream ur name .

- if you could be a superhero, who would it be?


- how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Really Freaking Awesome!

- what gadget could you not live without?

iPad and internet

-what do you do in your spare time when not playing darts?

Gym,party,drawing, tshirt design and prints.

Hi Devon, I use a similar style barrel to you, with the scallop at the back for my finger to rest in, but i struggle to find anything close to this design. Do you know of any other darts with this design?

No I haven't seen a design like that why don't you try mine ?

Hi Devon, I have a few long term goals and one of these is to try and make a career from darts but for this to be viable I'd ideally need a sponsor. Did you have a sponsor when you first broke into the game and whats the best way to try and acheive sponsorship?

Never lose sight of your GOAL no matter I never had a sponsor and actually I had to save up to come to the UK before the worlds and at Q- school I was spotted by a representative from precision sports management and it changed my LIFE ........I think if you attend Q- School and just display your ability it might help you in getting noticed.

What would be your best advice to a beginner darts player?

Practice hard, Take it step by step, take every experience as a positive experience and learn from those experiences.

Thanks Devon for your time and your welcome to join our growing forum
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