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12 for the year so far, on track for a record year?
(03-20-2021, 06:14 AM)Sultan Pepper Wrote: 12 for the year so far, on track for a record year?

Possibly, but I think it really depends on how many events they (ie the PDC) get to play this year. 

Last year at this point there were 14 or 15 already, but then the season got decimated by COVID.  The way things are shaping up in Europe at the moment I wouldn't be surprised if there's no Euro Tour events this year, and not holding out much hope for the World Series either. 

It wouldn't surprise me if we see a drop off of overseas players in the events as well due to possible additional quarantine costs when they get here and also back home.  Jeff Smith for example is having to pay an additional $1,000+ for his quarantine stay now he is back in Canada before actually getting home, so I wouldn't really be shocked if he pulls out of the next Super Series.
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Updated to add Jose De Sousa's niner in tonights Premier League

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