Double Top Darts.

ShowTime Darts Vortex 23g darts review
These are now on my list. Haven’t watched review yet getagrip, sure I will benefit from it as usual.
Woke up this morning and found them in my shopping cart lol.....had to do a bit of research .

Overall opinion seems great.

Only 4 in stock at dartscorner, 1 23g 3 25g I think.
Those darts look pretty nice but 23 ain't for me and 25, I can't jive. LOL
I do not know how easy they are to get nowadays since showtime darts closed down...
♡   ♡   ♡
Picked up a set of 25g.......sadly they aren’t getting the best first Impression.....I find they fly okay if I grip from the absolute rear of the barrel - where it is very smooth and no grip.....from there - they glide through the air beautifully ...gripping anywhere else, the balance is off for me......for now.......going Fromm show time case......Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. lol in a week if no progress :p

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