The slowest dart player ever?
(05-08-2019, 11:31 PM)*Saber* Wrote: Had a guy in league who used the whole 3 minutes , drove us all nuts but he was within the rules

What was he doing, having a beer and a cigarette between each dart ???
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(05-08-2019, 05:20 PM)jt4527 Wrote: It wouldn't be so bad if he actually hit some big scores, but he takes all that time to line up and throw a S5!

Jocky looks bored Lol

actually you'll find Jockey was probably hammered
he'd most likely got four pints down his neck before getting to the double
and i don't mean whiskey[Image: smile.gif]
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A current players short-list could be as:

1. Justin Pipe
2. Adam Gawlas
3. Scott Mitchell

4. Benjamin Pratnemer

Justin has his own personal issues with the body mechanics, the numbers 2 &3 being way too "chilled" Smile, you could easily see how they walk on and off the oche, they are not in a hurry. Pratnemer takes so much time concentrating on the target.

Someone could involve Duzza in this talk, but he's not that slow, it's his ritual that makes him look slow. However he makes the preparation and his moves rather quickly. It does gets a bit slower though when he is in big time situations in big stage events, where you can observe he usually needs some more time to compose himself and concentrate on his throw.

Overall it doesn't bother me as a fan, i can enjoy a game between Durrant vs Pipe going to bed to get sleepy. Big Grin

As a player i also need more time than most players for preparation, although i have an average-time throw (i'm not considered slow), so it's totally fine for me. Each player should be comfortable playing at his pace to enjoy the process. That's the spirit and... that's the rules also.
Adam Gawlas? Yes, he is a bit slowlier, I noticed that too, but it's a completely different level from the really slow players. I know more players from Czechia who are definitelly slowlier. I only react here as Adam is a Czech player (as I am) and he's not that known to be a part of any charts :-) BTW, he is playing live online today at about 20:45 UK time.
When I was in league a guy took the whole 3 min (legal) to throw . Drove everyone crazy but his right. Ps I beat him every time.
(08-01-2017, 01:59 PM)Levi Caparoz Wrote: Terry Down

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