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What is the WDDA
The WDDA stands for: World Disability Darts Association & is a non-profit organisation.

We sent the dart frame's new aluminium design specs to Winmau for costing and am awaiting their decision on whether they manufacture the frame or just promote and pass on orders to us here in Australia. Either way Winmau will be heavily involved and are 100% behind the product and will promote it in their catalogue and online. Russ Strobel(inventer of the Wildfire 137 Frame) now holds the newly created voluntary role of Disability Darts Consultant for Winmau and will be wearing their logo at future seminars and events. An announcement will be made officially by Winmau on our partnership in the promotion of darts to those with disability once a final decision is made regarding frame manufacture.
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The WDDA promoting ond hosting comps in many countries. All WDDA events will be open to players from any country. Hopefully they can take back with them information on what's available. We expect to hold a short seminar at the start of each event to convey the bulk of the information and literature. Registrations with the WDDA is free to everyone. Although we are still amending the website for online registration we are happy to have forwarded anyone who wishes to register and they can be put on our contact sheet and kept informed with WDDA newsletters emailed out.

The Board of Administrators (as far as I have been told at the time of this post) is:
Russ Strobel (Chairman)
Patrick Chaplin
Kelvin James
Warren Ackary
Neil Gardner
Beau vernon
Carol Forwood
Jo-anne Forwood
Vanessa Strobel
Dinesh Thapra
Glen Huff
Ian Gray

Social Media manager
Warren Ackary

Russ Strobel
Warren Ackary

Patrick Chaplin
Warren Ackary

The World's first WDF accredited wheelchair using Darts Coach Ian Gray

"Of all the things we could achieve in darts, this is the most worthy"


Like many others I have grown to love the sport of darts over the years, not only for its captivating challenge, but also for the friendship found within the darting community. Encouraging others into the sport these days feels particularly satisfying. As a player without the benefit of an Adonis-like physique I feel a sense of fulfillment in pointing others to a sport where one can still participate competitively despite one’s size, and to a great degree, fitness level and age.

Perhaps like me you have been brought back to reality at a competition by an unlikely looking player whose fragility of appearance and shuffle to the throwing line belies an underlying darting ability. Your jaw may have dropped as they awkwardly lurched and hurled their darts with surprising if not enviable accuracy. If beaten, like me you probably returned home with a renewed determination to hit the practice board with more regularity and increased fervor. In fact as I look back over my years of playing darts I can recall many losses to the most unlikely looking players employing some very awkward looking styles. One can only ponder that if darts ever becomes an Olympic Sport, just what sort of spectacle we would present walking into the crowded arena amidst the athletic elite at the Opening Ceremony…

Despite the physical hodgepodge of players that would form our darting contingent, I for one would be proud to carry the flag (as long as it wasn’t too heavy, nor the walk too long), because this is the sporting family with whom I choose to associate and with whom I feel most at ease. Perhaps it’s because of my size that I empathise with those that display any physical limitation. It may well be what fuels my passion to share the good news of our sport with others. I know from personal experience that throwing darts can have a remarkable effect both physically and psychologically.

Since one’s foremost opponent is the dartboard, one can bolster confidence and aid physical and emotional rehabilitation through the attainment of realistic self-set goals. Progress from tentative first throws on the home practice board to the exciting world of competition darts takes place in one’s own time, and at one’s own un-pressured pace. Once there however the challenge of playing in unfamiliar venues, against unknown opponents only serves to heighten the overall enjoyment of the sport.

Russ Strobel-inventor of the Wildfire 137
See you at the oche'


Darts used-Harrows 24g Dennis Priestley.
Monster Gunner11 2BA 16g, L-Style 260 shafts and white Astra flights.
34 years playing darts 1982-2016, retirement is not an option Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

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