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RELAX Your Throwing Style
For the short time I’m here all I can say is more solid advice from Dorian! Swinging at 80% of your potential in golf is always a good idea. It leaves you an extra gear that doesn’t blow the engine! As for help in maintaining smoothness sometimes is to try to be alert to the task but somewhat I different to the outcome. Look where your throwing, throw where you’re looking and accept that you miss more than you hit! Moe Norman, Canadian golfing legend, is the one I heard say that. Also, trust your intuition! Humans have thrown things at other thing and hit things with other things for millennia. We can figure it out if you simply engage it. An exercise I tried once was to look at the bull but try to hit other targets on the board with out changing focus. We all know the general area where the dart needs to go. Try it and I think you be surprised!

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