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Not sure if anyone has created anything similar to this before, I haven't really looked. Anyhow, my doubles game goes like this:

You play a game of 01, but can only score on a double (or bull) nothing else counts. Obviously all doubles are even numbers, therefore, to check out, at some point you need to score an odd number. This is where things get painful (for me). You have to check out on the same odd number you used to even the score, and in the same throw; ie. you have a remaining total of 33, in one visit you have to hit 11 then D11. If you hit a single 11, but don't check out on the throw, your score remains 33. If you hit two single 11's, your score remains 33.

To check out on bull, you can even up on the 25, so in theory, you could check out on 125.

It's not a great game for practising out shots, but it is a fun way to practice doubles.


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Interesting twist that. I like it.
(02-21-2017, 07:48 AM)Tom12481 Wrote: Interesting twist that. I like it.

Cheers mate, it's nice to still play a game of 01 whilst getting in some doubles practice
I played a guy a game of 301 double in the other day . It was a race to 10 legs and but when you got to 9 legs you have to double in on bull. I was 9-4 up and thought no worries my bull shooting is quite handy, we'll under that pressure it was really tested. . I came out on top in the end but it certainly was a great game leveller.
It's amazing how, even when just playing an informal game against a mate, you can put yourself under so much pressure; drives me nuts. I like the double in on the tenth leg, definitely a good leveller that one

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A couple of my teammates and I a few years ago used to play a game of 501, straight in, on bulls only.  When we got down to 26, we had to go out on D13.  Believe me, hitting three inner bulls on one throw was a bigger thrill than hitting a 180.

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