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MVG Mighty Generation. The perfect dart?
In 30+ yrs of throwing darts I still quest for the perfect dart for me. 27g Harrows Assassins was the dart of choice for a very long time until I found I just couldn't grip them anymore (older dryer skin) so it was back to the drawing board. Tried literally dozens of shapes and sizes and finally settled on the cheapest Pentathlon 21g front weighted bullets. 

Then, about a year ago I had a chance throw with a set of MVG Mighty Generation at a club I sometimes play at and was blown away with how well I threw them and made myself a promise to grab a set when finances allowed it (not to mention the wife!!). Well, I have now. I'm the proud owner of a set of 23g. They are a thing of beauty. I can't help but admire the attention to detail. And considering the price, I'm not suprised!

But I suck at throwing them, big time! For me, they are the worst dart I have ever thrown. They don't suit my grip one little bit. They feel like I'm throwing a metal match stick. They are just horrible. I've been throwing them at home for a few weeks and I'm not even showing the slightest improvement. In fact I think I'm getting worse! I pick up the cheapo Pentathlons and I'm back in the sweet zone immediately. 

When my post count goes up enough there will be a set of 23g MVG Mighty Gens in the trade section for sure!
Have you tried any variations in flight / stem combo`s ???
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I'm the worlds worst tinkerer. I've tried every combination of shafts and flights possible. I always end up with the shortest stem due to my excessive pull back. Anything longer and I hit my shoulder with the flight!

I managed to get the dart to fly as sweet and straight as an arrow, but can't find a decent grip at all. I've become a rear gripper and my 21g bombs fit my grip perfectly. I think the barrel on the MVGs is just too long to rear grip with short shafts. It's like chucking a javelin when your holding it 6" from the back end. If my release was more consistent, like it was a year ago before I took a long break from darts, I think probably I'd be getting on better with them.

I took them with me on Saturday night for a friendly game at the club and my friend used them all evening. He has never played better and thinks they are wonderful! I stuck with my bombs. And I beat him..... but it was close!

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