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Your first win after a spell!!!
Wowza just had my first win after a spell of 4 weeks loosing but playing really well ....fella I played tonight maybe a bit weathered obviously played before was hiting random scores all over the board a lot of triples involved and somehow thanks to my teammates telling me not to let let his game affect me eg firsts dart hitting t16 then whatever and just play my own game and somehow I finished winning 2-0 with a few 100+ scores and good set up shots after getting stuck throwing 6 darts at d3 but managed to hit it in the end .....may not sound like much to everyone else but after the last few weeks this win felt awesome .....please tell me if you have had wins like this before that were not massive but peaked your confidence bellow ....I also won my doubles 2-0 as well for a little valentines cherry

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Well done, sounds like you've been plugging away and all the hard work has paid off Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

I'm a firm believer that in darts especially, the only real opponent is yourself, which sounds like you noticed tonight with your win? Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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Its a great feeling burying that double eh ?

I went through something similar last season where I just couldn't get a break even playing well, then this one night I was absolute garbage,  couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo, my opponent was on D2 and I was on 150 plus at least, I just carried on , he threw dart after dart and was getting really frustrated, I had 83 and just went T17 , D16, Bang bang !!!,
He was distraught but I went onto a run of about 10/12 wins in a row, nothing spectacular, but I hit the doubles 1st,
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Good lad. These are important little accumulative moments.

I remember when I first started playing out at team leagues on the Pub circuit. I joined a bottom Division team, and you'd play against other teams that'd have players on the roster..... that, well.... could'nt really play the game with any dedicated accuracy, just lob the Darts and Hope... the sort of Darting folk that are better at the socialising aspect of League night...

I'm stood there, throwing my darts with determination to hit what I'm aiming for, but scoring 26, 7, 45, 28, 30, with the occasional good score of 60 plus... and they're hitting random trebles all over the place. Yeah, to get those wins, is satisfying, if not bloody frustrating during the process of doing so. It puts you off, cos you think.. I should win this, but I ain't... I put in hard practice, and he don't... damn it!!!!
Always keep plugging on games like this, they may score big lucky's but when it comes to doubling down they usually come unstuck, my last game was nearly the same, guys hitting T19, T18, T14 all flukey as he was down to a double way before me, still won though as i took one dart at D20 and he to about 50 at a variety of D's he couldnt hit
Definitely a great feeling to get off the schnide -  I think we have all been there.  I know I went through a period where I would throw great, but just couldn't get that last double to win the set.  Hopefully the confidence will keep you going.
A long time ago (11 years this year) my wife left me. I used to play three nights a week. I never won a single game for 2 months! Subconciously it must have been on my mind!

That first win after this was an amazing feeling! Although it was against a friend, I gave it some! Sorry Ron!!
Well played, good one to keep in the old memory bank too going forward. :thumbup:

I've played many of matches where I'm just missing the lil red-bit or T19 on a cover and throw something like 59, then my opponent would go T15/Bull/20 for 115 and one gets a bit shaken.  Persistence in trusting/believing ones game certainly helps.

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