Harrows Darts.

Is there a difference between vapor and DXM 100?
I live in the US and buying equipment is not so easy.
Now on DC vapor is slightly cheaper than DXM
I wonder is there a difference?
I feel the vapor can fly faster
It seems DXM is paper and vapor is plastic?
Anyone have experience or comparison ?

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None of those flights are made of paper...they're only of a different shape.

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Just the brand name I think.

I believe Phil used DXM at Unicorn and Vapor at Target.

These Here are the same as DXM's yes.
Pretty much same flight just different brands, why isn't it easy to buy stuff ? you can go online or even AZ darts has them
I only buy from DC with the quantity discount (tight budget, still student, no income )
Last time I bought two sets of the target version, I feel it is better than unicorn (quicker?, feel more plastic)

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