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What are the best stems
I'm getting some new stems and was wondering what the best ones are - Medium and Nylon. I've tried the Archer's Vice Grip stems from Pure Darts and found they break too easy from robin hoods etc. Pro Grips are the best ones I've used so far and I found the Supergrip ones awful. So... What stems should I buy?
Thanks, Liam.
Pro grips are very good if you dont want to punch flights. Otherwise its hard to beat deflectagrips.
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The best ones are the ones you buy and like there is no " the best" it's what works best for you
I'm finding myself going through red dragon nylons like no one's business
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Up until yesterday i was using the Harrow's Supergrip shafts, but having had loads of bounce outs over the weekend, i've had them brake off at the barrel as soon as the dart hits the floor. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

so my answer to your question would be any apart from Harrow Supergrip.
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I've found the archers vice grips to be really durable myself
It's either between them or the designa durable nylon stems from dc, I get robin hoods all the time and can count on one hand the amount of times I've snapped a tang
Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
L-Style Carbon. Unbreakable.

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Harrows SuperGrip for me, please!  I've never had one break off at the thread........maybe I've just been lucky.  I've had one of the tines break off due to a robin hood a few times before but, hey, that happens.  For a fairly inexpensive poly shaft they're pretty tough.
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Target stems with target ring grips. Never had a problem.
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Get on real well with deflectagrips but am giving progrips a run atm,both serve me well.
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I can't say anything bad about the Pro Grips. I have tried many stems and the cheap Designa stems are as good as Pro Grips once you won't bump into the faulty one. I have got a few that weren't the straightest when screwed in.

I didn't like the Harrows Supergrip spinners as they were pretty fragile. Now I have just ordered some Pro Grip spinners and I am wondering how they will be.

BTW, I saw some Bulls Sideloaders last week and I quite like them and have ordered them as well. Thinking about how I liked the light aluminium slickstics more than the heavy Phase 5 titanium ones I guess these light full-plastic ones could be worth trying :-)

Sadly, the best results I got were with the Cosmo Gear shafts but I have broken too many of them to recommend them easilly.
I use Cosmo and L-Style. I really like fancy players flights which leans me towards L-Style. Cosmo has been good to me; I did break my first shaft today but not a surprise since my floors are concrete.

(02-13-2017, 06:23 PM)ollipung Wrote: L-Style Carbon. Unbreakable.

Really? I have heard quite the opposite. I might have to give them a try next time I am ordering shafts.
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Hi Darts
I have found pro grips to be terrible brittle,same as any of the clear poly carbonate stems. Super grips (nylon ones) are very good. Can't go wrong with the good old deflectagrips,and I find the archers are the same. I myself will never buy pro grips again, had several break from installing flights. Spinners are worse! We all have different experiences with different kit.
Another vote for Pro Grips. I also like SuperGrips too, but for some reason I always gravitate to the Pro Grips. I punch my flights and use Ti Slot Lock Rings, haven't broken a stem (or a ring) in absolutely ages.

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