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Difficulty keeping elbow angle
So recently as the title explains keeping the angle of my elbow consistent I watched a Wayne Mardle video where he explains more about higher elbow and follow through.
Is there any advice on how you got to where you felt most comfortable and repetitive.
Thank you

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I used to keep my elbow fixed so that I moved only my forearm, but then I read that about 2/3 weeks ago or so that you're meant to raise your elbow gradually as you throw, and which is especially pronounced when throwing at the high parts of the board such as D5, D20, and D1.

For me it's just practice. I'm still working on it because every now and again I forget until I start to get into 'the zone' where I'm hyper focused(after playing for over an hour) and it becomes more natural.

Perhaps you can start off by making the arm movement in slow motion and then speeding up, but without throwing a dart. Then with darts in hand, try throwing while exaggerating the movement of gradual raising your elbow as you throw.
Like with every repetitive action, muscle memory takes over after a while. It will be easier if you try this out when you're aiming at the doubles at the top of the board. That's my take on it anyway, but hope it may work for you.
If you do incorporate any movement the elbow when in the process of following through on the throw action it should be as minimal as possible, and it should only really be there cos it's an unconscious part of your action, rather than some thing you're deliberately conscious of inputting into your throwing mechanics.... You want no lateral movement (side-ways) this is very bad.

Comes down to practice though, mate... the more you throw, the more it becomes an unconscious connection in your mind-to-muscle memory circuits.
I definitely get the no sideways motion. I do find that depending on the day if I'm a little amped the darts are a little high but relatively straight but if I'm throwing softer the dart tails to the right as much as if you can picture aiming at the right side if the t5 bed and finishing closer to the middle of the t20 bed.

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