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Which soft tip board for online
I plan on purchasing a soft tip board. Im stuck between darts connect and gran board 2. I am leaning towards gran board for the replaceable parts and being able to connect to vdarts app as well. What are your thoughts?
asking myself the same question so i will follow this one.
tehre are quite a few alternatives and each has it´s own player base. i wonder wich one has the largest amount of participants and a wider spread acceptance.
no use for a board that only few people play online...
I know that darts connect has a decent player base. Gran board not for sure. But since gran board is able to connect with vdarts that opens up a 2nd player base. I am leaning towards gran board.
I have both dartsconnect and GB2. 

GB2 wins hands down in my opinion. 

Less bounce outs, better app connection, much better online experience. 
I play pretty much every night online and there's always at least 10 people in each of the lobbies (501 and cricket)

For me, GB2. 

Hope my ten cents helps ?
It does help. Gb2 is what im leaning towards alot.
Gran board gets my vote. There are always healthy lobbies of people, and the overall build of the board (and replaceable parts) is very solid and quiet. The developers continually update the app and provide new functions as well.
HiDarts comunity is still little, but board quality is crazy, not less than phoenix machines. Just the real thing. Vdarts and gb feel like toys.

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Gran Board V2 for me... and can use the VDarts app as a bonus
I would not get darts connect.
I got a gran board 2. Loving it so far
Check out Hi-Darts, I think it may be the only one with a built in web cam. I think darts connect has a camera that takes a picture but no live video. I have played about 500 games on my hi darts so far and no problems. Since Hi Darts did their last update and created a lobby I have no problems finding on a game on line during the day or night. I look forward to whats next with their updates. Love the board.

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