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Lost grip for 2 weeks or so
I lost my grip totally on my dart.. the darts seems loose in my hand.
I can't get any power to the dart anymore.. I though after the first day, this is a offday. But now 2 weeks later im getting panic =(.

I have no idea what i do different from before.. Before i could throw the darts with highspeed to the board. Now i only get slow darts below my target =/

I really hope you guys have tips.. I give a link of my grip, and a link of my throw.. I hope you guys can help me out. 


Sometimes I find that the grip can be influenced by whether my hands are dry or moist or oily.

Another possibility is cleaning your barrels because the dead skin cells build up and have the effect of lessening the grip.
Sometimes I have to not think so much about the grip and just throw at the mark. Cleaning the darts helps me sometimes as well.
I go through phases where I struggle to throw my first dart. I get it up to eye height and just find myself not being able to throw it until I force it really hard.

But, if I don't think about it and worry about my grip, its no problem. The mind is mysterious.
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