Japanese Quality Darts and Dart Accessories shop.

Update 2017-02-01: Final review.
Update 2017-01-25: Just got an email saying they have shipped my darts.

athleteshop .com/.co.uk/.cz/.at/.de/.dk/.es/.fr/.ie/.it/.pl/.pt/.nl/.be/.se

They sell all sorts of sports equipment, ranging from badminton to water sports...and darts.
Based in Netherlands, the contact adress is in Groningen (except for the UK site, where the contact adress is in Dorset).

Prices are...not great. Unicorn Phase 5 Mirage with colour coating cost £76.10. 
Shipping was a bit on the high side as well, but once they actually sent the darts they arrived quickly, and it is registered with tracking number.
Packaging was a cardboard box with the company logo on, so good packaging with little risk of damage, unless subjected to extreme mishandling during shipping.

Reviews online are mixed, but quite a lot of them complain about late delivery. It would seem that they indicate things being in stock when they actually have to order from the manufacturer, with plenty of delays.

I placed an order on the 6th January, and the confirmation email said "Expected delivery: 2017-01-13".
On the 11th I got an email saying that "Unfortunately we have experienced a delay in your order. You can expect the delivery around 17 January 2017. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience."
Second "order update" came on the 17th, saying I should expect to get my darts on the 23rd.
Third came on the 20th with the new date of delivery being 27th.

In the end I did get my darts on the 27th, so three weeks after ordering.

On the plus side is that payment can be done through reliable means; in Sweden I can pay directly through my bank, or through one of our largest companies dealing with online payments, and for other countries PayPal is an option.

Conclusion: Considering the long wait and that the prices are on the high side I can't really recommend them unless you happen upon a very good deal on something particular (as I did).
I had placed an order two weeks ago... The golden Aren Kirks in 22g.

A few day later i recieved a message thas the delivery is delayed. Meanwhile i had the chance to buy the RvB Hero gold in 24 g (the kirks was my alternative)... I canceled my order with no problems,  two days later i got my money back via PayPal. 

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Thanks for the input, and good to know you got your money back.
I'll stick with it a while as I'm doing this for the review. If I finally get the darts I may just end up trading them ^_^
Review updated. Darts have arrived, but I will not be trading them anytime soon :p
Was told about Athlete Shop when searching for some Delta fights. When I looked on their website and found out that the cheapest postage option to me in England is £6.99, that instantly put me off using them. I don't like paying £3.50 for Darts Corner delivery (First class + fast track as I'm impatient)! Add all of this onto the poor service and delivery times that a couple of you have experienced in this thread makes me 99.9% sure that I will never use them Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

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