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Prodarter question
Hi all, just signed up to prodarter and played a couple of games on my iPhone. All went well except that on the home screen and a few other screens there is a banner mentioning what's new in the latest update. I can't work out how to get rid of it and it covers the text when you press the settings button. Anyone else got this problem and perhaps a solution. Cheers Tony.

Are you playing through an app, or through a browser? I don't see it in any of my browsers.
Darts in Use:
League/Match Set: Voks 22g EL-C Crossover
Backup match set: Dynasty 20g Fallon Sherrock Soft tips (w/ Fit Point conversion points)
Home Board: Blade 4 Dual Core
Match Set: Katana Kokutou Hisyou 17.5g  Softtips. (My principle soft tip set)
Backup Match Set: Bull's Mamba 97 16.5g
Home Board: Gran Board II

I've got the same problem, both on computer and Android.
I don't see this banner, but you might be able to hide its source code. In Chrome, right click on the banner to open the contextual menu and click on Inspect. Then, right click on selected parts of the html and click delete element to hide the banner.
I'm using it on my iPhone through Safari. I did try it through the google chrome app as well but it's the same. Not sure if I can get to the source code on the app but I'll give it a go.

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