Target Darts.

Target vision light question
does anyone know the circumference of the please
It's diameter is approx 665mm if that is any help.

If my GCSE maths is correct that makes the Radius 332.5mm so the circumference would be 2089.16mm
180 Target for 2018 - (Just one, one small measly 180, please..... ) Target Met 4!
Thank u
looking at it, it is about the same diameter as your standard foam dart surround, negating the thickness of the unit of course, so should be well out of the way of miss throws if that is your concern
Im going to make my own but like the new detacheble corona
I can see the Corona at £50 meaning that a lot of people will just go for that than making their own homemade ones, due to the time and effort involved.
180 Target for 2018 - (Just one, one small measly 180, please..... ) Target Met 4!

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