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Question about flight protectors
Dear Nutz my question is does dart flies same with protectors? I am quite sure I am seeing difference. Thanks
Always have flown the same when I used them.
Depends what ones you use, the little bit of weight some have can throw the flight of the dart off a bit
Never noticed much difference myself. They are a pain in the behind to find when they pop off though.....
Thanks. I never used them before since my flights last only 3 days I wanted to try them. Maybe its in my head but my darts are flying differently so I took them off.
Depends on what flights you use too if there a stronger micron they'll protect the middle but i've seen them split the side more
I use flight protectors and find them a good marker for a tight grouping when I'm playing half well.

As for having an affect on my darts, no noticable difference from what I can tell.

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Sure they change the balance of your darts. It's the same like difference between 75 and 100 micron flights, or difference between 35 and 37mm shafts. Someone won't notice the difference, someone will.
I use the target protectors now. Don't notice a difference but that is subjective. I like the protection they provide and they also help keep my flights at a 90 degree angle.
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