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Pain in wrist/hand when throwing!
Hi, I have recently developed a new throw and have been practising a lot. Maybe one of these is the reason that I am getting a pain. I'll attach a video of my throw and would love some critique. Thanks! (I'm left handed, and the pain is in the front left on my wrist/bottom of my hand) I think it's because I lift my little finger!

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Gday mate looks a liitle like you stop your wrist from following through ( palm down ) a bit and your elbow seems to not flatten out and all this may be jarring the wrist joint at release and the muscles around that area. One of you last darts is more pronounced than the others. Keep experimenting and it'll all come together. I found trying to follow and analize what the pros do helps then when you find the style that suits you run with it.
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Yeah I noticed the same as barcrusher, try to get a smooth follow through if possible.

I used to have a kind of flicky stabbing style of throw which cause me a lot of wrist trouble, I still get pain now and then but I try to throw smoothly with a full follow throw which I think helped.
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What barcrusher and grip said really, try follow through completely and throw as smooth as possible
Also a good thing to do when practicing is give it a few seconds between each visit, kinda simulating a match and waiting for your opponent to throw...and most importantly make sure you take regular breaks, don't just beat the board to death for hours straight that's enough to make anyone's hand, wrist, arm fall off lol
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Yep your not following through- short arming it.

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