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yips or match pressure?
Does anyone else suffer from yips or match pressure?

I threw great darts in practice, few maximums, great doubles,.....come the match i couldnt score more than 30 on most throws and even missed the board numerous times, i was pulling alot of my darts low and right as well it felt as if i just couldnt get it up there and certainly with no accuracy
Nope I play (just as bad) at matches as I do at home. One way to train this is playing more darts with friends, competitions, etc. And try to calm yourself down or make yourself more focused by getting in a mindset where you know you are going to kill that double and win this match.
would help if i could get to a double hahaha
Not to fear, just about all players score better, out shots are easier, set up shots for outs flow like silk out your hand and hit every number needed--------------in practice.

Then it comes down to game time, nerves may be a little tweaked, pressure may be on to do well, you are not throwing at the same pace as practicing alone, the venue may be much noisier and certainly more crowded, you know, those little distractions that can take you off your game a bit. This happens to just about everyone until you get comfortable at the oche in those situations, and the only way to do that is to keep at it as much as you can.

I've listened to pros coming off the stage in the PDC talking about how back in the practice room they were destroying the T-20, but weren't finding them on stage. So if this can happen to the guys that do this for a living, it surely can happen to duffers like most of us when we get to the line in league.

Just keep plugging away and things should turn around as you get more and more comfortable in the format and environment.
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Oh mate I feel your pain. Just had a quick throw with a mate at lunchtime. Threw fine on a few practice throws, went of really nicely on the first 2 legs getting to the double first by a mile, but just couldn't get out. lost both legs, obviously started thinking about it and must have tensed up, as by leg 6 I was not sure if the dart would even come out of my hand!

Gave up in the end as it was totally counterproductive.

Now this is in a local pub, with a good mate, just have a lunchtime laugh. So the only pressure I was under was what I was putting myself under. Not had anything to that level before, and was actually pretty scary. I'm pretty sure dry January has an effect, as a couple of beers would, I imagine, have just taken that tense edge off (which in itself is a bit of a worry).

Will wait a couple of days and see if things get back to normal, but it was pretty worrying with next league game just over a week away! Can only imagine how things must change if you are throwing for a tour card/major title/£350,000.

Good luck, let me know if you find anything that helps!
Ah yes, the good old "performance anxiety" gig.  Gumbo already picked up on it, getting out there and playing more competitive matches is the best way to overcome it.  Elite players have it just as much as us pedestrian types, so don't worry.

The hardest distance in darts is the six inches between your ears, so try not to over think it all while playing and just try and focus on hitting your target.

All the best and good darting. :arrows:
That was like my problem last night. Playing 301 DIDO. Before the game, I was hitting doubles without a problem. In a best of 3, I took the first leg, then lost two consecutive because of chasing a double to get in. Frustrating.
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Decent responses, glad im not alone!!! I went and threw at lunchtime just practicing and after a slow start it kind of came back, I noticed though I became more accurate the tighter I gripped the dart and the harder I threw it, which is odd, perhaps they are too light for me (not saying thats why my scoring went rubbish, i know thats not the darts fault)
In my opinion there are two ways to improve here...

1. A practice regime that builds a throw and attitude that is and reliable. The aim of practice it's not only hit your targets but to do so the same way every time. When I need to hit a match winning double I want my throw to be the same as when I'm going well in practice. Not easy to do but I have done it and it feels great; all the hours spent grooving my throw coming together when I needed it.

2. More exposure to pursue situations. When I started in league I was really nervous and didn't know what I was doing. At that point I want practicing seriously so had no muscle memory grooved throw to rely on. By the time I got moved to A Grade I had a more reliable throw but the increased pressure (some applied by me through fear of showing myself up, some from the increased ability of my opponents) meant I was as nervous as ever. Only playing every week, and getting some key wins under my belt, got the nerves to ease a bit.

The bottom line is that you can't expect to throw as well in complete situations as you can in practice. The best you can do is increase your level in practice and he consistent enough to close the gap a bit.

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I think it happens to everyone, it happened to me last year playing at my golf club championship. I had played 40+ rounds on each course prior to championship weekend, they were the 3 worst rounds I played all season. It is kinda keeping me from trying league play, I get jittery playing against a bot.
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Hi Darts
My advice would be read into sports psychology. Give it a google or/and read a book or two. It's helped me loads. Currently I'm reading the chimp paradox mind management which is really good . Mental combat is also a helpful read.
Believe in yourself and trust your throw !
thats a good idea, will have a look, might help improve my golf aswell!!!
(01-09-2017, 02:02 PM)Jamesr4300 Wrote: thats a good idea, will have a look, might help improve my golf aswell!!!

I don't play golf but this article could be useful for golf or darts.

Thanks Tom will read over it later when im not at work, occasional browsing is fine but being glued to the net will result in issues hahaha

Post epic collapse of last weeks league match i struggle to throw for a few days being very up and down but im not back to a consistent 60/70 average over a 501 leg, ive started using the dartmind app which has bobs 27 and cricket etc practice drills which im doing, and ive finally settled on a finger grip that i feel comfortable with (having used this when i started playing then switched to pencil and now back again)

My last piece of the puzzle apart from the mental side of it is to get my new darts which will be 50mm instead of 40mm as the short barrell does not lend itself to my grip, as ever these thigns take time and my darts appear to be lost in the post having been sent twice since the 28th of December!!! i think my posty has taken up darts haha

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