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Hitting/Aiming big number compared with treble
May just be a case of getting better with time or a mental thing. If I throw 3 darts at aiming at big 20 there's a good chance I would hit a 60 more times than not. ie not drifting into a big 5 or 1. If I specifically aim at treble 20 darts can be all over the place. More drifting and more erratic scoring. Some high (140 100 etc) some low (11, 15, 25,21 etc)
Board: Blade 5

Darts: Harrows ICE 26g - Target Colin Lloyd 23g

This is normal because the width of a treble is smaller than the width of the single above it. I think this is a problem that you, i and every other player experiences, including pros. If you ask a pro to hit 20 single 20's he'd probably do it, but if you ask him to have 20 darts at the 60 he'd probably drift into the 5s or 1s a few times.

It could be a problem with your throw, you might not be following all the way through which can cause darts to drift left and right and go high and low.

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I would try aiming within the treble if your darts sit like Taylors go for the middle of the bottom wire if they stand up like lewis aim for the middle top wire I've found aiming at a specific point rather than the area is much better for me give it a try hope it works for you pal
(01-02-2017, 01:01 AM)reddog153 Wrote: This is normal because the width of a treble is smaller than the width of the single above it.

I think this too.

Imagine your "circle of error" has a diameter the same size as the entire fat 20 bed.  If you aim in the middle of the fat 20 you have enough margin for error above, below and on both sides that you're likely to park all 3 darts in the fat 20.  If you move that "circle of error" down so that the T20 is in the middle of it, now you overlap into the 5 and 1 beds.  At least that's how I think of it.

I also use belly's technique of aiming at the wire rather than just looking at the bed, I find that helps me focus more.  I overstack so my default aiming spot is the middle of the bottom wire of the T20.

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