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Resisting the urge
Hi all. Kinda need some advice here. 
So recently i tried a new grip for around 2 days. It was pretty smooth and comfortable at first which resulted in pretty good groupings then suddenly it just feels off. So changed back to my usual grip with my thumb, index and middle finger on barrel and 4th finger on tip and realized that my usual accuracy and stroke is kinda messed up, with neck and shoulders feeling sore from it. But nothing a few days of practice wont fix. 
So just wanna ask you guys, how do you resist the urge to change something that has more or less been working for you? I am sure there will be days where you will think/feel "maybe if i do this, it might be better" etc 
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Well, I usually don't resist :-)

Anyway, I have been given a good advice to take a picture of your old grip before starting with experimenting. I haven't done myself but it quite makes a sense as I was struggling a few times to find the proper grip back.
I don't think my grip has ever changed, my throw has but my finger placement has always been like it is although I did try once but could not get used to it. I don't think its such a big problem if you feel you can benefit from a change but it make take some time before it feels automatic and you can place your grip exactly the same without consciously thinking about it.
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Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
I went outside of my comfort zone with my grip because I was really struggling with getting my throw over the top and not rotating my elbow out.  Now that I am more on the meat of my index finger and thumb that has improved dramatically.
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I've been tossing darts for 30 years now and have changed a few things in that time. I now stand more erect at the line with more weight on my lead foot, but not as much as before because of the lean I used early on. As I've gotten older and the joints having been overhauled, it is just more comfortable to stand with less lean.

As for grip, that too has changed. In the beginning I used a 3 finger grip with my thumb and index finger gripping the barrel about 1/3 up from the point and my middle finger resting on top of the tip of the point. Now I use a 4 finger grip with my thumb and index finger gripping the barrel near the rear, my middle finger where the point meets the barrel and my 4th finger with the tip of the point resting on top of my fingernail.

As for stroke and release, that has remained pretty much the same all these years. Well, except when that dreaded "D" word crept into my game, then I looked like an epileptic on a pogo stick at the line.
I've only been throwing darts for a just over a year, so this may or may not help but I can say that I've tried a lot of different grips........to the point of searching the Internet for pictures of or watching YouTube videos of pro players and trying to imitate their grip.  Some worked better than others but even if the player's grip was "comfortable", I always found myself having to consciously think about the grip and not concentrating on my throw, my cadence or my target.  When I turned my attention back to my throw, cadence and target, I found my fingers reverting back to the grip that felt most natural and that's the grip I use today.  Over time, the position of my grip has drifted from the middle to more towards the rear, but the placement of my fingers is pretty much the same.  That's not to say that I don't or won't ever try different things with my grip or throw just for see what happens but so far, nothing has stuck and I go back to what feels right with renewed confidence.  As a matter of fact, the less I think about it, the better I throw!
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