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BDO & Sportotal Commercial Partnership
From the BDO webpage 

Sportotal has today announced it has signed a multi-year deal with the British Darts Organisation to become their exclusive commercial advisor and representative.

Having exclusively acted for The BDO in the appointment of Channel 4 as the broadcast partner for the 2017 and 2018 BDO Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships, Sportotal and the BDO have now entered a multi-year partnership to devise and implement a long term commercial strategy for the BDO at every level and sphere of activity.

Sportotal’s global remit includes the management of all other commercial partnerships, the creation and implementation of a strategic commercial strategy across audio-visual, sponsorship, licensing, digital media, data, and all other commercial activities.

Stephen Holland, Co-Founder and Director of Sportotal said: “Having previously represented elements of the BDO’s business, we are delighted that, for the first time, we will act across all their commercial interests. This will give us the opportunity to oversee the structure of the event
schedule best equipped to deliver the optimum commercial programme over a number of years.”

Sue Williams, Chairperson of the BDO said: “For some time, we have been looking for the right partner to advise us across our entire commercial portfolio in a cohesive way. We have been impressed with the results Sportotal have achieved for us in the past and their approach for the future. We are looking forward to working with them to grow our fan base, commercial programme and number of partners of stature, to drive the BDO forward.”

Is this good or bad? I don't know anything about Sportotal.
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Anyway it beats doing nothing
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Stephen Holland was one of the guys behind BDO Events that did a similar role until they got kicked off in favour of Warren Brown and Deluxe last year. They lost a bit of their own money getting the WDT put on the first two years, but hopefully they use this past experience and can turn things round - whatever happens it can't be as bad as what Warren Brown/Deluxe have put the BDO through in 2016. Not 100% convinced, but good luck to them and as I say hopefully they can turn things round for the BDO.

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