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Doubles aren't always fun to practice but a buddy of mine and I often play 101 DI/DO before playing 501.  You end up throwing at lots of doubles and you're always doing set up shots for your finish.  There's plenty of pressure because your opponent is always on a finish.
   I also play a modified Bob's 27.  I allow myself to go into the negative because I'm not good enough to stay in the positive through all of the numbers.  There's not much point practicing doubles from 1-10 only.
   We also play golf.  There's 21 'holes' of play (1-Bull).  Doubles are worth -2, large single is +1, triples are -1, small singles are even par and a miss is +2.  You get 3 darts per hole but you don't have to throw all 3.  If you're happy with your first or second dart, you can end your turn.  The last dart thrown is the one that counts for your score.

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Some good suggestions here, well done,  we all know how crucial it is to get a winning double in a match and fun ways of practicing makes it more interesting.

Personally I love double practice routines and as we know it's a magic feeling getting your winning double with your first dart.

Cheers (+1)
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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

I'll have to try these. I've got a bad habit of just playing straight in 501 when I'm practising so don't do much on my doubles. Has cost me a few games struggling for the winning double. New to the forum and can see its going to help. Cheers Tony.
I always have Double trouble and hate just standing throwing at doubles to practise , some good ideas there of ways to practise doubles ?
1. Throw at each double until you hit it. Once you hit D1 go for D2 immediately. It should take about 10-15 minutes to an intermediate player. Don't worry if it takes longer. You will just spend more time on practicing doubles, good for you :-)

2. Throw only three darts at each double. After 5 minutes you'll know how many of em you have hit. Intermediate player should hit more than 10. Doesn't sound like too many, just don't be upset if you hit less.

3. Throw one dart at one double only. Start with one dart at D1, one at D2 and the last one at D3. If you hit D2 for example, then go on with D1, D3, D4. If you hit D3, andD4 then go for D1, D5 and D6 in your next visit etc. (Dennis Priestley's way)

4. Bob's 27... Very nice game but it took me years to be able to go through it quite regularly.

5. My favourite one these days - I am throwing at each double that long until I have hit it with at least two darts out of those three. It may take about 20 - 30 minutes but I like practicing doubles.

6. Just try to hit D1. Then D2. If you fail hitting D2 within let's say three turns, go back to D1. It is quite up to you to make your own rules, whether to go back one double or three doubles, or whether to go back after one or five misses. This game is played by Steve Beaton. There were some videos about his method on Winmau TV. Mayby you can find on youtube.

That's just a few ideas. Don't forget that practicing outs (not only doubles) is important as well. As for outs, I have some excel spreadsheets you may like.


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