Harrows Darts.

2 different throws for scoring and closing
I have 2 different throw
one for scoring and
another for closing....both are effective...
tell me If this is a good practice....but I found it really effective on each
situation and use....
Personally, I've never heard of such a thing and I've been playing since the 80's. That said, if it works for you, then by all means continue on.
To add a bit to my prior post. I try to score as many points or marks as I can on every throw. The only time I ever try to control my throw for a hit in the fat of a number wedge is when needing that number to set up an out. Say I have 59 left in a game of 01, I throw for a fat 19 to leave me double tops. Likewise, if I have 2 marks in any particular number in Cricket and only need 1 more to close, I'll also aim for the fat of the number needed. No sense in trying for trebles in that scenario and aiming at a narrower part of the wedge. I want to be out near the double in that case.
I also have 2 different grips In the same way. I tend to float my darts in when scoring but prefer a more direct throw when finishing, leading to different grips.

To add I actually find different darts better for the 2 scenarios as well, searching for that dart that gives me the perfect balance for both
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What are the two throws like?
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It doesn't sound advisable to me. The whole point of practice is to make your throw as repeatable as possible; giving yourself two different throws to "perfect" sounds like more work than is necessary.

I would personally pick the throw that works best and practice such that it became the one and only throw you use.

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