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I don’t know how to use a dart as ‘marker’
I’ve heard this repeatedly by commentators covering the pro’s:  “He’s got a good marker“.  This is specially used when the dart is just outside the double.
I feel it should be intuitive but I really don’t know how to use a dart as a marker.  If I miss the D16 just outside the wire on my first dart, do I
(1 )  use my second dart to aim at my first dart?  If YES, aim at the bottom of my first dart?
(2)   or use my second dart to aim at the small space that is between the wire and my first dart?

Sorry if I'm asking too many questions on this forum but these feed back is really great!
Personally I never aim at a dart I threw before. I always aim at the target I'm going for.

Look at Taylor and Wright for two great examples who always try to aim exactly where they want their dart.

That said when I throw a dart right outside the double I know I need to adjust my throw slightly lower/higher so in some way I do use that dart as a marker.
Aim for the double, the marker is there if your good enough like the Pro's are they use it for a deflection into the double, if your just starting work on the double and your aim
They call anything near the outside wire a 'marker', for me a lot of them are what I call a 'blocker'!

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