Target Darts.

Newbie Question about Designa darts?
Can someone please explain " provided as barrels only with points in a point protector."

I'm thinking about ordering some Designa darts. Just wondering what else was needed.
Simply means there's no flights or stems included.
Normally darts in boxes include a set of stems and flights along with the barrels and points - the Designa sets are just as they say a set of barrels with points in them and a point protector for transportation purposes - you would need to provide your own stems and flights.
Ayup Andy

Just need stems and flights of your choice.
Designa are pretty good budget darts.

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To add to the above, as Shed says they are good quality and are made by a variety of companies - Nodor being the main one, but also the likes of Retriever and B&W, and even Unicorn and Target barrels have appeared in the Designa ranges. Designa is purely the brand name used by Darts Corner. Double Top sell some of the same darts under their Victory ranges, and other shops sell them under other guises as well.
Thanks very much for the info. Most appreciated.

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