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Grateful for advice. I used to throw 24g darts but always came up a bit short so changed last year to 20g. Love my darts but I get a very high rate of drop outs. I use a short shaft and thin flight after a lot of trial and error. 
Do you think if I upped the weight to 22g it might help them stick in, or is it some other cause. Don't have same problem with heavier darts but just don't throw them as well on target.
First make sure to scuff your points if you haven't done so already.
Target Diamond Points hold really well too.
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Thanks guys. I'm not too sharp (excuse the pun, it's awful I know) I never really thought of the points. Cheers.
(11-20-2016, 07:34 PM)arran01 Wrote: Thanks guys. I'm not too sharp (excuse the pun, it's awful I know) I never really thought of the points. Cheers.
Keep in mind that points such as diamond or grippy ones may ruin your board quite fast. Some very light sandpapering usually already works wonders, never needed any grip points myself after doing that.
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Let me chime in a bit on the scuffing of the points. Do just that, scuff them, not sharpen them. I like to take 100 grit sandpaper and lay if on a flat surface and hold it down with one hand while using the other hand to rotate my dart while scuffing the point across the width of the point and not in line with the dart. That way you have some rough edges that will run perpendicular to the sisal and not in line with it, thus holding better in the board.
Can I just say guys scuffing the points ie. The sides of the points has solved the problem. Saved me buying a new set. Great forum great advice. Cheers.

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