RE: Need Help to Comment/Review my Grip

I took these pictures (take from the top view) of my grip. I am using a rear grip (Kami No.34) dart with a pencil type grip.

It's a habit of mine to use my third finger as a guide and press it along the side of the barrel. But I find that when I was about the throw the dart, it's a bit slanted to the left (as can be seen from the photo below).


Is it because of my third finger pressing onto the barrel. I thought this is affecting my inconsistency. But if i were to consciously straighten my dart (like shown below) still with my third finger pressing on the barrel side, I find that my grip becomes uncomfortable. And it takes a conscious effort on my part to "straighten" the dart before I throw.


Or should i totally remove the third finger from touching the barrel to prevent it from affecting my dart direction. 

I've been playing darts for six months and trying to analyse and do minute improvements. I progressed from a four fingers grip to the pencil grip now (which I feel very comfortable with). Any experts here can advise?



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