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Practice Duration When Taking Frequent Breaks
When doing solitary practice, I can only concentrate for  chunks of 15-30 min at most.  I think I only went for a straight 45 min session once.  So If I am trying to put in a true full hour of practice,  that means it might take me about two hours with all the breaks.  May be more    
(1)   Pros practice for 3+ hours a day so how do they do it assuming they also need to take breaks ?
(2)   Any tips on going for longer focused practice sessions OR  smaller breaks.    And NO adderall is not an option   Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Thanks guys!
I have my board in my room so I have lots of random 10-15 min sessions. When I really want to practice for an extended period of time I like to put my headphones on and block everything out, I will also use my tablet which has a scoring app and I play the computer at different difficulties and games to not get bored with random drink breaks or just take a seat for a min.

And as silly as it sounds, If I feel myself getting bored I throw with my left hand for a few minutes then switch back to my regular right handed throw and that seems to help.
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I guess it comes down to a combination of the individual and the practice routines used. We all have our limits and it's good that you recognise yours rather than just throwing mindlessly.

I have developed my practice routines over the course of this year and I don't seem to notice any lapses of concentration over the 1-2 hours I generally throw when I have a session. There are natural short breaks for drinks, trips to the bathroom, attending to household duties but I generally seem to be able to play through.

I think the key for you could well be the practice routines you are using. If I was doing a routine that I found boring I wouldn't be able to concentrate on it for 1-2 hours!

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If that is what your concentration spann is then there is no point continuing to throw on as it won't be proper or good practice. As Banz said, it is good that you have recognised this and work in the breaks to your practice.
You might find that over time your concentration span increases and you can slowly but surely build up the duration on the sessions before needing a break. Playing interesting games helps keep the concentration and focus too
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i don't think that there is a reason to make one hour practice without brakes. Considering a leg with an opponent will take about 5 minutes max that'ss 12 legs minimum. and you throwing alone so its more than 20 legs maybe 30. you will never have to play 20 straight legs without a break.
When i practice i feel full with 2-3hours with small and i make breaks every almost 30mins (if not less). I make a break after throwing about 300 darts.
But thats me. You will find the balance yourself but there is no reason to push yourself with the clock. Make a break when you feel you stop enjoying your practice. Smoke a cigarrete, watch a small video to relax and then start again.
One never throws continuously at league or tourney's so a good rule of thumb is to keep your practice sessions similar IMO. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
I do tend to focus on only hitting triples and doubles in my practice sessions. I can totally see how throwing in some 01 games in between should make things more fun.
i dont think i get good warmed up until after about an hour.

what i usually do is switch up my practice a lot. ill throw A1 for about 2 or 3 rounds then ill play a game or two against the computer. then go back to A1 for a couple rounds then maybe do Bobs 27 or A3. back to A1 for a couple rounds then maybe play myself in a game of cricket.

i wouldnt so much worry about making sure you put in a full hour. the amount of time really doesnt mean anything. i lose focus at work quite a bit but i cant very well take a break every 15 - 30 minutes. one of the biggest mistakes i see players make is the lack of focus and concentration and the tendency to start zombie chucking the dart up there without really focusing on making every shot count. if you have to take breaks in order to keep from doing this, then by all means do it. but try not to set yourself a hard limit. 30 minutes of solid, focused practice is worth much more than watching the clock and just trying to get through the hour or counting the minutes down to your next break.

obviously we all have something different that works for us, but honestly 15 minutes a stretch wouldnt do me ANY good. i dont even hit my form in less than around 30 minutes or so. and it usually takes even longer for me to start noticing what im doing wrong and what i need to do to correct it. so if i go less than an hour, its not practice for me its just throwing around. if i stop for 15 minutes then i feel like i just lost all the momentum that i had. theres been hundreds of times when i first started playing where i would be killing it, then id stop and eat or do something else for a few minutes and when i came back i couldnt do squat. so now my main goal of practice is to do drills and throw until im able to start identifying things that are wrong and then correcting them.

hope this helps!

Everyone is different. Personally, I have found that sometimes I can practice and hour or more straight and make good progress. Other times, it starts to feel forced and that is when my concentration and enthusiasm goes, that is when bad habits and frustration creep in.
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its important to find the right balance that works for you. if you feel like you need to take a break then take a break. there arent any rules that say you cant.

however, i wouldnt advise quitting when you start slumping or at the first sign of frustration because in my opinion its during those times when you really start to learn things.

one thing that people dont practice much but really should is focusing on your concentration and your enthusiasm. not every day is going to be a great day no matter how much you practice. and its important to spend at least a little time working on your concentration when you are frustrated or tired or bored or whatever. after all, one of the biggest mistakes i see players make is getting bored and losing concentration and they start zombie chucking. or they get behind and give up and start zombie chucking.

im not saying you should force yourself to practice when you dont feel like it. but i do think everyone should spend a little time practicing even when you do start losing focus. i think thats a VERY important skill to have. to be able to deliver a good dart even through frustration, boredom, exhaustion, etc is the very reason we practice to begin with.


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