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Advice: Sigma Pro 950s or Phase 5 Mirage?
Hi all,

I have already discussed this a bit with GreatWhiteNorth, but would like a general opinion on this question, perhaps some new insights will pop up. Should I get 22 gram Sigma Pro 950s (if so, natural or gold?), or Phase 5 Mirage? They are both on sale at unicorn's website.

Here some thoughts and comments I have had til now:

- Mirage are only available in colours, e.g. black, dna.. Which I find tacky. Is it easy to remove these colours?
- Mirage have sharper/higher grip, but I heard it wears faster than Sigma grip, any thoughts and experiences? I do like high grip, but the phase 5 grip is very concentrated in the middle of the barrel only.
- Is there a big difference in grip/wear between natural and gold Sigma?
- The 22 gram mirage are tiny compared to the 26 grams. Is this also the case with the Sigma's in such extreme way?
- How well does the Sigma grip survive over time?
- Are there any other similar darts to these 2?

Anyway, hope to hear your opinions and experiences.

Kind regards
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