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DARTSLIVE.TV will bring you live coverage of "SOFT DARTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 THE WORLD" STAGE 5 from Malaysia. 



Live from: 
Oct 22 Sun 22:00 (US,Canada) Pacific Daylight Time
Oct 23 Sun 12:00am (Mexico) Central Daylight Time
Oct 23 Sun 6:00 (UK)
Oct 23 Sun 7:00 (France,Belgium) 
Oct 23 Sun 12:00pm (Thailand,Indonesia)
Oct 23 Sun 13:00 (Singapore,Malaysia,Brunei)
10월23일(일) 14:00 (한국)
Oct 23 Sun 16:00 (Australia) Australian Eastern Daylight Time
Oct 23 Sun 18:00 (New Zealand) 
Geez Park is a character.
Been watching this for a short while and Park Hyunchul is up again - can't stand watching him play with all his praying to god every shot and all the other crap he does - good player, but he is worse than Dersch and Kirchner as far as I'm concerned.
Agree with you about Park. Watching him play now, he doesnt even look like hes enjoying himself, just angry.
He carries on like he is in a film. Ridiculous.
Semi finals coming up

Tengku Shah vs Chris White
Howei Tsai vs Paul Lim
Shah played well there.
Huge miss by Tsai on that 3rd cricket leg.
Deciding leg in 2nd semi, c'mon Paul! :banana:
Hope Shah wins. Tsai has a little bit of Park about him.
(10-23-2016, 12:19 PM)AlCoholic Wrote: Hope Shah wins. Tsai has a little bit of Park about him.

I agree, hope Shah wins.  Seems the better player anyways in the later rounds too.
Geez shocking 3 darts in the 4th leg there for Shah.
Closer than I'd thought it would be, nice win by Tengku Shah however. :thumbup:
Nice win.
Well done Shah - deserving winner

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