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Grouping and accuracy practice video
A short video showing a technique I have used to help a few people to improve their grouping and accuracy.
Looks like a good practice routine. I always wonder about the practice rings and now post-its. Why not just throw at the sections on the board rather than having props like these?
The board is loaded with markers to aim at do these props give you a different perspective in some way?
I'll try the post it's alter on. Thanks NB
Well it works for me. You can gun for the small segment of a number all day long but somehow when you miss it means nothing. I find the post it notes make a good alternative 'target'. Plus it takes away any preconceived ideas about particvular areas of the board. For example - normally I am as snatchy as anything on threes but I stick a small target there (like I did in the video) and the snatchiness goes away!! Your mind is a big factor in your game!
I've used the post-it note off and on for years, very good tool.  Instead of target oriented one is apt to be more grouping oriented. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Thanks NB, looks like worth trying. I will try and see how it goes. It does makes sense to have something different on the board to help you focus on grouping.


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