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Target 26mm Titanium Pro Grooved Conversion Points
Hi guys,

I currently use the Winmau Sabotage soft tip barrel with a Target Titanium pro smooth conversion point and I have gotten along fantastic with this setup.  
However like most people on the forum I wanted to try something different, I love the sabotage grip and I think it is the barrel I will use forever haha... so I thought I would try the grooved Target points. With regards to my darts they work great and stick in the board better than any smooth point I have used. 
Here is my issue, they seem to stick in too well and require a lot of force to pull them out and when I do they occasionally pull some sisal fiber with it. Is this normal for grooved points?? I don't want to wear down my board ( Blade 4) more than normal. 
Any one with grooved point experience??


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yeah that's usually the case and why I don't like such points, board wreckers!
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Turn the grooves in a 150 - 200 grit sandpaper and it should calm the problem down. Make sure you apply pressure with your fingers when you turn. If you look very closely, you should see a very slight gentle chamfer on the top edge of the grooves. If you want to be more precise, use a needle nose round file wrapped with a 200 grit, and turn each groove individually.
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Use your smooth points for practice and the grooved points on other peoples boards :p
(09-28-2016, 05:36 PM)JDorks Wrote: Use your smooth points for practice and the grooved points on other peoples boards :p

I dont recommend  this. You should practice with the same equipment that you play with
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Thanks for the replies everyone. I will probably switch back to the smooth points, might use the grooved ones if I go out to the pub and play on their old boards.
But I will try sanding them down a bit too.
I find with those points, unless you really want to feel the grooves with your fingers, the smooth ones stick very well in the board.
I think it may be the writing on them, but I have never had an issue with one.
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