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For a while now I've been questioning all aspects of my throw because I just cannot seem to get consistency working for me.  I'm struggling to get the feel of the dart the same with all 3 darts in hand.  

I've thought about my stance and whether I'm rock solid enough to deliver consistent darts and then I came across 'this youtube video'.  It shows a number of pro players throw in slow motion and it made me look at what i do differently.  

I noticed there's one thing they all do that I don't.  No, not they all throw great darts.  Well, that's true but something in the action with their body movement, or shall I say lack of.  They all keep their head almost perfectly still through the whole throwing motion.  This is something I don't do.  I've videoed my throw and I notice my head gets pushed back every time I thrust my arm/dart forward.

So, my question is, what's the secret to a perfect throw that keeps your head so still?

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Sounds like what I do. I actually took a video of myself throwing and I noticed I move my head too, I stand sideways with my foot directly on and even with the othe, and every time I'm about to release my head sways back, as if I lean backwards. It doesn't seem to affect my throw because I've made sure to keep my head still and I feel/throw the same. So keeping your head still should certainly help, but for me it's kinda a niche in my throw and just happens without me knowing.

I'm going to try to work on it and see if it helps with consistency, but honestly me concentrating on keeping my head still means I'm not concentrating on where I want to throw the dart. So it will take time if I want to eliminate  that movement
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Everything should be still except the hand arm throwing the dart, but, yes there is always a but, there is players who do move and thrust and whatever, the thing is they do it the same for each throw so they can still be consistent.

Its what I was kind of complaining about with my throw here: https://www.dartsnutz.net/forum/showthre...?tid=22416

I am fairly consistent with my action and I think quite stable too but I have a funny thing with my fingers on release, if I can do it consistently it works great but I find the co-ordination of it is not the same each throw and its why I want to eliminate it, if I was doing it the same all the time I would not care.
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