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Target Pinch Grip Stems
Does anyone use the Target pinch grip stems? i'm considering giving them a try but would like to know if they rattle (sound tingy) like the normal aluminium stems (it annoys me and puts me off). what are the advantages and disadvantages you have found with them? if someone could do a small review of them it appreciate it. Ta!
well, a little late, but i have been using the grip style shafts for about a week or so
so i thought i'd weigh in:

0: i bought short and intermediate grip style (the cheaper aluminium ones) and am using short, my darts are target azzurri CX6 and the flights are
cheap 100m amazon.

1: they grip well. flights are not knocked out of them in throw.
2: i have had 1 flight that was ripped on one of the limbs at the attachment point, i wonder if it is because
of falling to the floor or if i maybe screwed it in to tightly or pushed the flight in to deeply.
3: you can put the flights in so deep that the shaft cuts into the bottom of the flight as the top and
flight screw in.
4: colour turned out to be much brighter then it tends to shop up in pictures.
5: i fitted mine with rubber o-rings right away, and i have had no issues with any of them coming loose,
whether i used the hole to wrench them tight or not.
6: the short ones i am using do not seem particularly prone to bending.
7: tops behave pretty much identical to the top portion of a regular aluminium shaft.
8: i threw my first robin hood with these and the top was easy to bend back into shape.

compared to regular aluminium shafts i think the advantages are getting a branded product
for about the same price as generic shafts, flights don't pop off and you can fit a ton of spare tops
in a very small space. i don't own a fancy wallet yet, but i think these tops might fit nicely in slots
normally meant for extra soft tips.

disadvantages i think are the same as regular aluminium shafts, except for those points mentioned above.
Interesting thoughts.
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