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voks tornado vs target storm vs trident 180's
Good day all, regarding the voks tornado vs target storm point vs trident 180's ... read quite a few reviews on these systems as individuals but have not seen any comparisons... have anyone tride any 2 or 3 are there any pros or cons in choosing any one over the other.

Best regards Vaughn
I've only tried tridents but in their favour they require no tools, are the cheapest option and do work very effectively.
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Also tridents are a little wider so they work better on some darts. Didn't try tornado points but both storms and tridents work great, never have to change flights really.
The tridents do get beaten up. If you grip involves placing a finger on the trident, this can be distracting.

To minimize the possibility of breakage, storm points must fitted so that there is absolutely no gap between the point and the barrel. This may involve countersinking the hole in the barrel (see Dirty G's excellent post here: https://www.dartsnutz.net/forum/showthre...s+properly ).

Tornado points seem to be a little less brittle than storm points. This is good in that they may be less prone to break off in the barrel, but bad in that they may be more likely to bend.

As an alternative to any of these, you could pull the original points, round off the lip with a file, and then reinstall the points.
I have also found that on some points a trident doesn't sit well (or still rather).
If your points are longer though, tridents tend to last longer.
The most I saw tridents being beat up was from short/standard points and razor wires
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All depends on the dart being used too
Used all 3. Voks > Storms > Tridents.

Voks just work. Some had issues of hole depth.
Storms... Had far too many break.
Tridents get beat up quickly, then they start causing deflections and damaged flights.

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Btw my tridents never get damaged, are you using a very soft board or something so they hit the wires?
I think I may start with the tridents seeing that they are so cheap... if they don't work may move up to the Voks.... scared of broken points... here in Jamaica there are not too many places to get ur darts repaired

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I tried tridents for a little while but gave up. They get absolutely destroyed quickly for me and as I hold the dart right at the front I can feel the broken pointy bits of plastic and it is very annoying. The dont last one practice session with me.

Storms are great most of the time but I have had two break, thankfully Target were happy to extract and repoint for me, I just needed to send them in to them.

Haven't tried the Voks yet but will soon once the pennies come
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