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Give your opponent the elbow!
Hi Nutzers

Fundamental to sight-point-shoot or ready-aim-fire players is the ability, whilst aiming, to keep the upper body i.e head, shoulders solid and wrist cocked to eliminate as much movement as possible during the draw-back and release. However the ability to keep the elbow rigid and 'fixed' is not often acknowledged as such. Crucially, as it is the fulcrum point it is a key ingredient in gaining accuracy and consistency. Therefore If, having aimed and aligned your dart to the target you can mentally imagine your elbow locked, your drawback and follow through shot will be far more accurate and consistency and good grouping will follow suit. It's obvious really as any slight movement here is amplified at the hand and release point..... all I'm saying here is keep this factor in mind in practice sessions so that it quickly becomes second nature to your throwing style.

Son of Merlin

Caerleon - Wales

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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

Not many basic fundamentals in the grand game, but as you've mentioned a consistent elbow position is definitely one of them.

Over the weekend I was making a conscious effort to lock my elbow. I noticed that my darts were going more straight with less drifting (so less 1’s and 5’s).

I also noticed that locking my elbow reduced my power where my darts were dipping a little low. I adjusted by raising my elbow or by having my wrist power.

I think from the pros, Adrian Lewis has a consistent form where he keeps his elbow locked. It’s like a ‘hammer’ motion.

Nice topic!

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