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Mixing and Matching Stems and Flights
Last week, I asked a local darts player about the upcoming tournament which holds a €2,000 prize. Though I beat a few people who are in dart clubs in this country, the rude man chuckled and wouldn't release much information about the tournament. This inspired me to play more. I am pretty good though I don't completely know what I am doing. 

I bought Lumina 23g and while waiting for these beauties to arrive, I am now looking at alternative flights and stems. How can one tell which flight and stem works best with the .. Is it called shaft or barrel?

The ones I have been eyeballing, but not sure if they'd work with the Lumina...Have you tried them? I'm interested in hearing about your experience, even if used with something other than the Lumina.

Cosmo Juggler


Cosmo Fit Shift Gear

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Harrows Carbon Plus


Have you ever used this cool looking flight?
Length of the stem and shape/size of the flight is what matters.  Based on you dart and your specific throwing style (grip, release, etc) you might have a very unique set up.  Buy a few varieties and try them out.  I have a few sets and some do well with short stems and pear shaped flights and some are best with in betweens and standard flights.
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Have you tried any of the gear I posted pictures of?

What do you use? Do you mix and match or use what comes within a set?
Every dart flies differently with different throwing styles. Probably best that you try some different lenght stems and maybe some different shaped flights first. Something like this would be perfect to play around with for a bit: https://www.dartscorner.co.uk/product_in...s_id=13825
When you find your preferred setup I'm sure someone here can point you to the same sized cosmo stems/flights if you really like those.
No-one can answer this question for you because the best combination of shaft and flight depends on your throw and not the dart barrel itself.

As others have suggested your best bet is to get hold of basic nylon stems in different lengths (they range from about 32mm to 50mm or so) and a sets of flights in different shapes (standard, kite, pear, slimline, etc) and then try out combinations to see what works best for your throw.

I guess there's a chance that what comes with the dart is the best for you but it would be pure chance in most cases. I reserve judgement on things like the new Phil Taylor darts come as a complete package.

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As mentioned I'd experiment with different lengths nylon stems and flights to find your best set up.
Then try out variations on your preferred set up. Remember most of the top pro's throw a fairly basic nylon/ flight combo.
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I believe the flight you pictured is pretty much the same as to shape as I use on one set of my darts.  Like the Nutz who posted here said, it depends on your personal throwing style plus the character of the darts.  Have different flights and shafts for different darts.  Go play with various combinations - see which works for you! :-)
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You can go for the more expensive systems (Cosmo, carbon, etc...) if you want, it is your money. I have a huge box of flights and a cigar box stuff with stems. Tungsten is a bit pricey. Stems and flights can be cheap. I say, go nutz! Buy some V-Wings. Buy slims, shapes, pears, kites, Vortex, tomahawk, Skull, Shield, Edge, DMX, Fantail, Delta, Combat, Arrowhead, Butterfly, Axis, Edge, Heart, Fin, Sigma, Standard, Mini-everything, Retro, Diamond, and Max Air. Buy Short stems. Tweenie, medium, and long. They are CHEAP. Give up bubblegum. Dig out the change in the sofa cushions. Give every set of darts you have a unique look. And then change that every couple of weeks. Have fun. Most of all, try them all out. Switch 'em. Throw lots. Make your elbow scream for mercy.
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Thunk, thunk, thunk, walk, chalk, pull, turn, walk, turn, repeat...

Darthbuggy, you're a grand motivational typer. :-)

Insightful replies. I thought certain stems and flights were used on certain shaped and weight of the barrel. The darts I used to beat local darts club players with are 26g barrels and I used gyro stems and run of the mill flights. I tried fancier looking stems that sent my dart far from where I wanted it to land. Simplistic works well, it seems.

I should of taken advantage of last year's PDC promotional, where Adrian Lewis did a live Q&A at the pub. Should of asked to stare at his darts and to watch him play up close, in person. Maybe he'll come back this time around.

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