Target Darts.

Hey guys, wanted to post a quick practice routine I have been following.
Flight school has been helpful but the A1 drill would do a few things for me that I didn't like in my practices:

1. I can't mentally keep track of my different scores in between the different numbers and still focus on form.
2. If I miss 2 darts and have a third in my hand, I didn't feel like it counted. I want every dart to have a purpose.
3. My results varied as I warmed up, could fly through it or it would be a slog

So I combined the Steve Beaton warmup or the 20/20s with the A1 and Around The World, to fix all those problems.
This way I can pick up my darts and go straight into the routine and end it when I want/feel my stroke is together.

Tier 1: Around the world, start at 1, hit the single, move on.
Tier 2: Again, start at 1, hit it twice, but it has to be 2 in a row.
Tier 3: 3 times in a row, even if it happens to be in two turns at the oche, 
Tier#: You get it.

I know a lot of you are way too good for this and it would be boring, but this could be a alternative way to get your A1 drill in for beginners.
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