What pro dart player would you choose to have a 1 hour dart lesson with?
For me personally this is a very easy choice.  I would go with John Part for obvious reasons.  John has a very in depth view of darts and is a World Champion.  John is most darters players and fans  favorite sky announcer. The way John speaks about the game makes it fun and insightful from a Champions point of view.  John giving a dart lesson for 1 hour is any players dream come true.  The information is priceless and JOhn loves darts so it would be fun and enjoyable to learn.
It would be either of the John's Part or Lowe.
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I think it would be either John Lowe, ( who was my original darting hero ),  or my NEW Hero Peter Wright .
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Part would be a good choice since he's been there on the big stage, seems to have his feet firmly planted on the ground and not full of himself, knows the game well and what it takes to win and is easy for this American to understand.
Next choice would be Gary Anderson since he's had to overcome his penchant for scoring well and not hitting his outs for quite a while before getting his entire game up to high standards.   As a 2 time, back to back World Champion, he definitely has the credentials and seems to be a very approachable guy.   Only issue I'd have would be his heavy Scottish accent, but even with that, he's no Chizzy when it comes to communication.    I need subtitles when Chizzy speaks
I would go for Part, as he looks like someone who can actually teach, he know his stuff (we can see when he comments) and my style looks a lot like his. He could help. But I would also go for Wade. He's been through some serious problems and I would like to know how he overcame them. And I also love the way he throws, even though he swings forward more the he should, I think. My third option would be Barney. I would really love to know how he could stay so calm and centered. How he could manage to make it look so easy to throw when it's just a huge effort for me sometimes.

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Very easy this for me, and will come as no surprise to many of you...

Gotta be "Old Stoneface" himself, Mr John Lowe. No contest. Always been my darting hero. A legend and gentleman, with a gorgeously smooth, clean and consistent throw... and throwing one of the best sets of timeless darts ever manufactured, in my humble opinion. 

Would be an absolute pleasure to be lucky enough to experience a 1 hour darts lesson with this true legend of the game...! Smile
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Part's a good pick.

I think I'd probably go with Bristow though.

Unless we are talking active pro players... then probably Phil... way too much knowledge and experience in that head of his.

Gotta be part, a popular choice too it seems
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I would like to meet Barney. He is my favorite. He has won more than most anybody. I like his calm demeanor and super relaxed throw. I do not try to copy his stance or grip, but always gain a benefit when I throw with a smooth, slow, and complete follow through like his. I would also use the time to try and convince him to change his 34 year old crap-rock walk-on song to something/anything else.
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James Wade for me. He strikes me as a very consistent player and would love to learn anything about that topic from him.
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Lowe is a good one
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Im gonna say Wayne Mardle due to the fact that you could probably have a good laugh as well.
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Terry Jenkins or Colin lloyd
James Wade for me as well. Fellow lefty, and of all the pros I've seen his throw is most like mine.

Hey In this order: Angel

John Part
Paul Lim
Gary Anderson 


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