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the beginning of my dart's journey
as an ultimate beginner trying to commit myself in the game, i gave the first try on the A1 flight school. It's my first contact with steel darts. 
I spent the whole afternoon to finish it. (split in 4 times) 

I know counting the rounds doesn't means anythings but, as a beginner, i wanted to evaluate my level to compare my progress. 
It tooks me 122 rounds to marks the all 5 marls on 20 to 13. ( i spend 17 rounds to close the bloody last 19)
I tried to focus on my stroke, and i was able to 'feel' the good ones. 
It's hard, but i took pleasure doing it. 
tommorow i will try a basic  round the clock, the last time, it tooks me 65 flights to close it. 

see ya
Hi there Egg!

Thank you for sharing your journey! Persevere with it, and I'm sure you will see a steady improvement.

I personally have never stuck at A1 for long enough to complete it. I get completely dissilusioned with my ability, and it gets to the point where I am fed up. I will complete it, at some point over the next week, as a benchmark.
hi greener !
benchmark is exactly the word i was looking for.
it's gonna take a while but it will be fun to see an improvement ... i hope so ...
Stick at it buddy...I found when I started playing that the learning curve was quite steep and with something like flight school to help you on your way you'll see improvement in no time...that being said it's a long road overall and imo you never reach the end...always learning and more importantly enjoying....
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Hi Egg
I have george`s book for accuracy 1,2 ect they will help your game.
When i was starting there was nothing but get to the board and pound it,go round the clock on double and trebles,then start doing checkouts form 41-100.
Now with all the online stuff you can join sites,pick up practise routines,get stats back on your games,its all there for the taking.
The one thing i would say is make sure your enjoying your darts,whether practising or in a league game make sure to enjoy it.
Its a great game/sport and you will meet good people most of whom will be happy and willing to give you a few tips.
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I just started a few weeks ago. I'll have to give a few of those drills a shot and see where I stack up.
Good luck on your journey

Don't forget though that A1 is your drill so you don't have to do 5 marks of 8 numbers. If you wanted to make it a drill you could complete in 30-45 minutes you could reduce both the numbers and the marks e.g. Three marks at 20, 19 and 18. The aim is to get a consistent, repeatable stroke so perhaps a shorter, more focussed drill would work just as well for you.

It's important to practice while focussed and not just throw aimlessly at the board. If you find yourself doing that (and I'm not saying you are!) then I'd advise you to change things up.

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this is a rather old post but i sure would like to see if this person stuck with it and how his progress was going. from his post he seemed like one of the few true beginners that understood immediately the difference between practicing and just practicing throwing.

it would have been awesome to have figured this out when i first started playing. fortunately i found you Nutz pretty soon after. i can say without question that had i not stumbled in here and had the courage to ask the stupid questions that i asked i probably would have quit the game by now out of frustration i dont remember the names of the ones back then that gave me tons of help, but im sure most of you are still here and i thank you for that.
I've just started throwing again and will take a look at flight school.
I pretty much play alone, and with my 12 year old.
We have made up a game that challenges us both.
I throw three darts. He has to hit the total to get a point. If he busts I get a point. Then I have to try, but I finish on a double I get 2 points, it I bust he gets the points. Whoever finishes throws three darts to start the next leg. We play until someone gets 10 points.
It's a fun, fast game that uses the whole board.
Inaccuracy is punished, as is bad math. Good choices are rewarded.
It's probably too easy for an accomplished player, but is fun for beginners.
it sounds like a great game i can play with my wife!

normally when we play against each other i think of different modifiers that i can use to at least make it fun without her feeling completely inadequate. one of them is where i cant hit the same number twice. so if i throw and hit a 20, then i have to throw at something else with the next dart. if you hit the same number twice then you get a 0 score. not only is it a challenging game competitively, but it also helps me practice switching up during a game. plus, you get the added bonus of having to think about your outshots. you dont really want to leave yourself 100 because thats two 20s, etc.

i will try this game. you should definitely check out flight school. thanks for the post.


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