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Position on the barrel changes naturally.
So about a week and a half ago, I thought I'd throw some darts and picked the first dart out of my left hand and threw, thought something felt different. Threw second dart and same, picked up third dart and looked at my hand, I was picking the darts up from a totally different position. Normally I grip the dart from the middle of the barrel but now my hand was going to the rear of the barrel. Tried throwing from middle but it didn't feel natural anymore. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else?
Yes! When I first starting throwing I was very much a rer gripper, almost on the stem. Over time my grip has migrated forwards and now I grip on the front third of the dart. If I try a rear grip now it feels so strange, even though that is where I naturally held the dart for a few years when I first started. I find it best not to over think it and hold the dart in a way that feels natural, comfortable and the same way and position each time
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Can happen without thinking. Sometimes what has worked for a while doesn't work so well anymore. Also depends on the dart design, and the cuts of the dart. I actually have a theory that there is no 'natural' hold on a dart per se, but that's an entirely different topic altogether. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. Do what feels right and enjoy the game, most of all!  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

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Nice to see I'm not the only one this has happened to. Felt really strange at first going back to the middle grip but the rear grip is just where it's at for me now. Not sure my darts are suited to the rear grip that much but my Target Lewis darts are flying better then ever with it so got something to use.
Absolutely has happened. There are so many factors involved, including the aforementioned type of dart (shape, grip, etc.). Some has to do with whether you mentally (and I suppose physically) focus on pushing or throwing the dart. But I also believe that your throw matures over time. I started as a rear gripper and migrated forward, then back. Now, anything but a (relatively) rear grip on any dart I own and the dart corkscrews to the board. It just doesn't feel natural and I cannot make it work.

In the early stages, I think it is important to find a comfortable grip that gives good flight and consistency. Find a way to replicate it. In my case, I have my third (ring) finger just where the barrel meets the tip. Slight gap between my middle and index finger and I am in a really good position. The perfect position consumed my thoughts for quite a while.

Now, I have done this enough that I don't even think about it. Minor adjustment, perhaps, if a dart barrel is longer or shorter, but I really don't even think about it anymore. It does take a bit of experimentation, but it becomes very natural over time.
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I have suffered this same problem recently so by the looks of it it is a common problem.
The same happens to me. Depending on the day, I may throw with a front grip, with a finger on the point, or a rear grip, with a finger half on the barrel-half on the shaft.

The only thing I DO know is that a middle grip feels unnatural to me...I tend to spin my darts straight out of my target.

That being said, I find it much easier to figure what feels unnatural as opposed to what feels natural. Unnatural, for me, is felt immediately while a natural grip takes a few practice session to figure out.
Yep same with me started front grip but over the years am now a middle gripper. I mainly now use smooth darts.

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