my practice board
just thought i would share a pic of my practice board. 

my lovely and beautiful wife built this for me out of an old wooden pallet. then used some chalkboard paint on the wall.

This is my typical daily A1 and A3 practice

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Thats a great job, you are a lucky man not only is your wife talented and supportive of your addiction but you even have room fora proper chalkboard.
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Current Board 
Gladiator 3 with Corona Surround and Unicorn number ring
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pretty nice. my wife doesn't even come to the dart room
Very nice. Good job.
I don't use chalk board. I use witheboard. I'm allergic and whiteboard is cleaner.
But to finnish A1 to A3 like that, I have to stay a whole day throwing darts. :s

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Nice setup.

I too use a chalkboard (the one for writing what groceries we need; my dartboard is in the kitchen) but I start with 5 marks and wipe them off when I hit. Stops me faffing around with chalk while I play.

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I went with chalk just because its traditional and I could make it as big as I wanted. the smaller whiteboards aren't too expensive but once you get to a certain size the cost can quickly get out of hand.

we have a tablet that usually use for playing friendly games against one another but the board is there to keep score with any games we make up or games that aren't on any scoring app.

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